When a Paralysed Dog Was Found on the Streets of Thailand, a Hero Came to the Rescue

Lisa Chong was an outgoing girl living in the United States and often went to other countries for vacation. Once, she was on vacation with her childhood friend Tara Austin in Thailand, where she met Frida.

One night on December 2018, they were returning to the hotel after dinner where an injured pup crossing a busy road with all her efforts caught their attention. Lisa was not into animals as she had never had a pet in her life. However, on seeing an injured pup in such a miserable condition, Tara and Lisa decided to take her to the vet hospital.

They immediately rushed the pup to the hospital and find out her back legs were completely paralyzed. After examining and cleaning her, the doctors told Lisa that her nerves reaching the bowel and bladder were completely damaged. The first time Lisa took her in her lap, named her “Frida,” and decided to help her walk again on her feet. Only Lisa knew how helpless Frida was. 

She walked through many hospitals in Thailand but couldn’t find anyone who could treat her. After all this searching, she made a non-profitable foundation in the name of Frida on social media to spread awareness about the paralyzed and impaired animals like Frida. 

She decided to take Frida home with herself thinking that she might find a good vet in America. After taking Frida to many vet hospitals, she instead started training her at home to make her walk again. She made her do some home exercises using water treadmills and helped her to swim. But this didn’t help as much as she would’ve liked; she could only show some mobility, walking was still a difficult task for Frida.

After so much effort, she decided to look for a specialist. She found a pet prosthetist, Derrick Campana, on social media who specialized in custom pet prosthetics and saved more than 3000 pets worldwide. When Mr. Derrick started treating Frida within days, she started standing on her feet. Lisa was pleased to see this speedy recovery. Within a month, Frida began walking and running on her feet, and she became an essential part of Lisa’s life. 

Frida never left Lisa’s side. It all started with a stray dog moaning in the streets for help and ended at home with a loving family. Frida had transformed her destiny with hard work and patience, and she was now a part of Lisa’s family and friends’ circle.

Lisa says that nothing is impossible in this world; when I hold Frida in my hands for the first time, I see the pain she had been suffering from and hope to get back to everyday life in her eyes. Frida is a true fighter, and I believe that animals need the same care, love, and attention as humans do, and by giving all these to Frida, I was able to see the shining personality behind her.