This Pup Refuses Puppuccino’s If It’s Not From His Favorite Coffee Shop… Starbucks!

We live in a free world, where everyone reserves the right to exercise his or her will and opinion. However, a cute little pet dachshund took it to a whole new level when he refused to drink a Puppuccino since it was not from his favorite coffee shop, Starbucks.

A fun video from Liverpool circulated on social media showed the three-year-old mini dachshund, Harlee refusing to have a Puppuccino in an ordinary household cup. The video shows the owner putting a Puppuccino in a glass cup. 

As he brings the Puppuccino-filled cup closer to Harlee, the dog moves closer to the cup, licks the Puppuccino for a couple of moments, and turns the head away, in what appears to be a form of protest and an expression of displeasure. The dog looks really cute when it just turns its head around, looking for ways to avoid the offered not-so-real Puppuccino. 

Just an expression! A way to say it all, A look of helplessness that melts every dog lover. 

He later puts the Puppuccino along with aerosol cream in a Starbucks cup. Just like us all humans, dogs also have emotions, preferences, and appreciation for certain things. 

The gleeful look can be seen and understood through the glow in the dog’s eyes, as the photographs show. Harlee finally got the wish and enjoyed the much-desired Puppuccino in his favorite Starbucks cup.

To all the dog lovers, the expressions and the joyous smile means the most. That is what makes pets all the more special, adorable, and caring — their unique ways of expressing themselves and translating their emotions. 

Dogs just add to the energy, vibrance, colors, and beauty of life!