Top 11 Qualities You Should Look For In A Guard Dog

What are the top 11 qualities of guard dogs?

Are you questioning yourself whether you are ready to keep a guard dog or not? Some might assume that as guard dogs are big physically, they are dangerous or difficult to train but in reality, that can be considered being one of the most intelligent and friendliest dogs. Worry no more and do not overthink as here we will break down the top 11 qualities of guard dogs. 


 An excellent guard dog is friendly, playful, and calm especially if it will be living in a regular home. Guard dogs like to play a lot as they are much more energetic than any other type. German Shepherd Dogs, Giant Schnauzers, Dobermann, and Cane Corsos are the most adaptive to household situations, although we do occasionally come across dogs of other breeds who are calm enough. When a puppy enjoys fetching, running, or catching a frisbee, it indicates that it is ready to learn. Laziness seems to have no place in the attitude of a guard dog.


 This is one of the qualities that a good security dog should have. The dog must be devoted to its family and must defend them at all costs. A high-quality guard dog will gladly give up its life to defend a human family member since it has a strong protective instinct. Only if its owner loves and cares for it can a dog develop loyalty. A guard dog requires unconditional love and attention as well. One should never ignore their guard dog and should treat it as if it were a family member. However, don’t spoil the dog too much or it’ll lose its guard instincts. Dogs, like human children, may become pampered. A few of the most loyal guard dogs are Puli, Rottweiler, and Bullmastiff.


Dogs are extremely clever creatures. They can translate a scenario or mood by picking up on our voices and nonverbal cues, and they’re even better when properly taught. They put this ability to good use and can feel when something isn’t quite right, perhaps it will be with a person or a circumstance. Dogs are capable of detecting danger, and the breeds chosen as guard dogs aren’t hesitant to act. Dobermann is considered a guard dog who is known for his intelligence.


 Another major advantage for any dog owner is the stress reduction that comes from merely owning a dog around. Simply stroking them can increase endorphin levels in your body, improving your mood and lowering stress. Not only do you feel safer with them on a leash at your side, but dogs have also been scientifically proven to help your health by decreasing your blood pressure and cholesterol.


Guard dogs should be robust, sturdy, and also have a strong bite as well as bark. These characteristics are critical in overcoming any invader and alerting the human family. A soft dog will never make a good security dog.   The majority of guard dog breeds, such as Rottweilers and Tibetan Mastiffs, have intimidating appearances and huge pointed fangs that may frighten even the most hardened offenders.

Incredibly Smart

A guard dog is smarter than you. What can’t a guard dog do, after all? Guard dogs are noted for their intelligence, and many of them can learn a new activity after only a few training sessions. They also have a legendary desire to collaborate and work with us, which many people interpret as a desire to please their owners. It’s no surprise that guard dogs excel in a wide variety of activities and is a top Obedience competitor. Because they are one of the brightest dog breeds, it’s important to be consistent, employ positive reinforcement-based training methods, provide plenty of mentally engaging toys, and play brain-challenging games with them.

Scenting Ability

Guard dogs sniff everything, including walls, doors, and windows. All guard dogs have a strong sense of smell than humans 10,000 to 100,000 times better. When it comes to scenting skills, a guard dog usually comes out on top when compared to other breeds. It’s no surprise that they are fantastic police co-workers. They’re known for bomb and narcotics detection, tracking, and rescue operations, among other things.


Guard dogs are one of the most reliable and versatile dogs. Simply ask your dog to help you with any task. Guard dog owners are aware that their dogs were bred to work. The perfect guard dog has a body and gait that are suited to the intense work which is their primary job. This means that your dog is capable to act practically in any situation. They are capable of doing a wide range of tasks, including agility, scent work, and service dog work. The only thing stopping you from teaching your dog is the time and energy you have available. It’s no surprise that many assume your dog is a service or police dog.

Concentration Level

  Professional security dogs have extremely high concentration levels. They maintain a constant state of alertness and are prepared to respond to their handler in any situation. A guard dog cannot be easily distracted that helps them to always ready for the disaster. They always keep their eye on what’s happening around them and ready to respond timely in any unexpected situation. 


An efficient guard dog is territorial towards their home, apartment, farmhouse, industry, or other location where it resides as territory. Strangers, intruders, and unknown guests irritate guard dogs, and they will only attack if they found something suspicious. A guard dog’s most basic attribute is territoriality, which provides it with the necessary aggression to strike and protect. Female dogs, on the whole, are less territorial than male dogs.

Hard-Worker and Responsive

Guard dogs, on the whole, are eager to please their owners. They have a lot of enthusiasm and ambition, as well as a real desire to work. During the training time, if a dog displays symptoms of lethargy or appears uninterested in particular responsibilities, there’s a significant possibility they won’t make the cut as a guard dog. They are always ready to act on the command of their owner. Dogs designated for security work are likely more able to communicate effectively with their handlers. They’ve got a good disposition for the security profession if they’re interested, pay more attention to you, and respond well to commands.