This Dog Was Scheduled for Euthanasia, But At the Last Moment an Angel Arrived!

Life can be unfair at times. Yet, nature has its own way of giving back to you. Regardless of how horrible the situation is, you eventually do find ways to break past things.

Clementine, a skinny and frail little dog faced a similar situation. She had some health issues that and meant being scheduled for euthanasia. No one wanted to adopt this beautiful pup, and she just continue to stare at the ground if any people approached her. 

There were thousands of applications for the adoptions of different pets and puppies, but not even a single out of them was for Clementine. Eventually, her moment of redemption arrived when Chelsea Elizabeth Cossairt saw and decided to adopt her. 

It was the only application the shelter home received for her.

Her empty look, her lack of life in her, her hollowness, and her tendency to hide behind things made it very difficult for Cossairt and her family to handle her.

Eventually, it was found that Clementine showed love and appreciation for other dogs. Her new Siblings Moose and Maple were central to her transformation. She returned to life and began showing all signs of a healthy puppy. She was well-fed, taken good care of, and allowed to behave the way she wanted to. 

Then returned this lively and lovely dog called Clementine, who would play with her owners, enjoy time with the siblings, and enjoy the good things in life. 

She is back and has brought great happiness to the family that adopted, rescued, and transformed her.